Chunky Vegetable Soup (With Chicken)

I designed this recipe to work as a standalone meal by adding protein (in this case, chicken), at the end, or to skip the protein and be served as a vegetarian (and gluten free!) side dish. You can modify any part of this recipe to your own personal taste and goals! Prep Time: 15 mins Cook … Continue reading


It’s been quite some time since I have written anything on this blog, but I think I have found a new focus that may just rectify that! This week, my wife and I started the DDP Yoga program.  Like with any fitness program, half of the battle is in sticking to some sort of diet. … Continue reading

Another food experiment…

Anyone familiar with regions that have their own native cuisines is probably aware that one of the things that makes these cuisines so identifiable is that they tend to use the same basic ingredients over and over in a variety of ways. These repetitive ingredients have been the foundation for many of the best restaurants in the … Continue reading

Healthful Brownies

I was watching TV the other day and saw chef Rocco DiSpirito doing these black bean brownies to help this guy lose weight. He explained how his recipe was not only low-fat, it was actually healthy and you could eat as much as you want. This sounded like a great approach to getting my kids … Continue reading

Originally posted on Will Hayes Fitness of Charlotte, NC:
By Vanessa Rodriguez For Although we know good nutrition is crucial for training, shelling out those extra few dollars for healthier groceries can be painful. These practical tips can help you meet the needs of both your budget and your body. 1. Establish your priorities.…

Cooking with wine… without wine

In my last video, we used red wine to braise some short ribs. But not everyone has a gallon of dirt-cheap Carlo Rossi’s burgundy wine that just collects dust most of the time. When you take into consideration that you are going to be boiling away most of the alcohol anyway, and wine is really just fermented … Continue reading

Multitasking on Taco Night

While taco night may not have a lot of wow factor to it, its one of those great family meals that doesn’t take a lot of time or skill. Of course, some of us food snobs aren’t satisfied with the traditional boxed taco kit and have come up with our own spins on this classic … Continue reading

Meals for the beginner cook – Part 1: Stir Fry

When you are first learning to cook, you’ll want to start out with a good foundation of techniques and cooking styles.  This series will demonstrate 5 unique dishes using 5 unique cooking styles. The first dish is an Asian inspired stir fry. Here we will be learning the art of wok frying.