It’s been quite some time since I have written anything on this blog, but I think I have found a new focus that may just rectify that!

This week, my wife and I started the DDP Yoga program.  Like with any fitness program, half of the battle is in sticking to some sort of diet.  Unlike most programs, however, the DDP Yoga Nutrition component is more a set of guidelines vs specific recipes and focuses heavily on food combining.

Food combining is really an art.  You design your meals to where you have more moderation in how much protein, carbs and sugars you ultimately eat and avoid certain combinations that make digestion harder.

For example, the human body has a hard time converting both complex carbohydrates and protein into energy, so often the carbs get stored as fat.

I couldn’t help but get a little excited about working within these limitations. One of the great things is there is no limit on how many low-starch vegetables you are allowed to eat, so I’m fairly confident I can leverage that to make big/satisfying meals that taste great while still having some degree of the comfort foods I love, just prepared in new ways.

It also happens, that the program has a very active community at Team DDP Yoga so I not only have an exciting sandbox to apply my passion for cooking to, I also have a great group of people to share it with!

As I experiment with my own meal plans, I’ll be posting more recipes and ideas on here.  Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight or get fit, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

As always, the goal is to teach you how to make simple food in your own home. It just so happens that the food will also be a lot healthier too!

Stay tuned…



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