About This Blog

I’m a home cook.

I have no professional training.

I have never worked in a restaurant.

I have a pretty average kitchen and I live in an average suburb.

In spite all these things, I am a very good cook.

This blog is my little corner of the universe to share my knowledge (and sometimes lack thereof) with normal people living in the real world. I want to teach beginners how to start cooking.  I want to give experienced cooks new perspectives and ideas.  I want to encourage people to eat healthier without having to give up delicious foods, and I want to get healthy eaters to cut loose and enjoy absurdly bad (but awesomely tastey) things sometimes.

Mostly, I want to get average, everyday people excited about cooking at home.  There’s just so many rewards to doing it.  You can express your love for friends and family, indulge in decadence, improve your health and even save a little coin.


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